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1. Studies On Wettability And Adhesion Of The Substrates Of Flexible Lamiinated Fabrics
2. Synthesis, Characterization And Crystallization Behavior Of Isotactic Polystyrene And Ethylene-styrene Copolymer
3. Preparation And Properties Of Super-Hydrophobic Doped Fluorinated Polymer/Silica Sol Composite Coatings
4. Research For Wettability Of Cu-Zn Alloy And Stainless Steel Bionic Coupling Surface
5. Generation Of Polymer-Based Interface Materials With Special Wettabilities: Surface Chemistry And Topography
6. Effect Of Surface Characteristics Of Material On Initial Droplet Formation And Heat Transfer Of Dropwise Condensation
7. Wettability And Adhesive Properties Of Polymers By RF Plasma Modification
8. Typical Thermodynamic And Kinetic Properties Of Solid-liquid Interface: A Molecular Dynamics Simulations
9. Contact Angle Of Bionic Structure Surfaces And Wettability Of Chemical Modification Medical Polymers
10. Diphenylamine Diazonium Salts Of Optical, Thermal Decomposition And The Resin-based Composite Material, Self-assembly Research
11. Study On The Mechanism Of Wet Skid Resistance For Tire Tread
12. Study On The Construction And Properties Of Surfaces With Micro/nano Fine Structures
14. A Study On The Implementation Of Rapid Design & Rapid Manufacture Of Metal Functional Exemplars By Combination Of RPM And Precision Casting Process
15. Mechanism Of The Effect Of Liquid-Solid-Surface-Free-Energy-Difference On Condensation Heat Transfer Enhancement
16. Preparation And Characterization Of Fluorinated Diamond-like Carbon Films
17. Development Of A Corrugated Plates Coalescing Oil/Water Separator
18. Structure And Properties Of PS-b-PMTFPS Diblock Copolymers
19. Self-assembly And Properties Of Azobenzene Films
20. Influence Of The Structure Of Organic Fluorin Water-and Oil-proof Agents On Property
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