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1. Study On Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Mo(Ⅵ) Catalysts Used In The Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene
2. The Properties Of Catalytic Oxidation Of Polymer-Bound Amino Acid Schiff Base Complexes
3. Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Of Benzene To Cyclohexene Over A Series Of Novel Ruthenium Catalyst
4. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Epoxidation Of Molybdenum (Ⅵ) Complexes With Schiff Base Ligands And The Ligands Supported On Mixed Zirconium Phosphate-phosphonates
5. Selective Hydrogenation Of Benzene To Cyclohexene Over Ru Catalysts
6. Liquid/Liquid Biphasic Catalysis Systems Based On PEG And Their Applications
7. Investigations On The Several Cyclization Reactions Of [60]Fullerene
8. Seeded Syntheses Of Zeolites In The Absence Of Organic Templates
9. Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Of Benzene To Cyclohexene Over Ru-based Catalysts
10. Study On Chemical Engineering Of Cyclohexene Oxidized By Dioxygen
11. Study On The Green Integrated System Of Benzene Selective Hydrogenation And Cyclohexene Hydration
13. The Catalytic Oxidation Of Alcohols And Olefins With Hydrogen Peroxide Using Peroxo Mo And W Complexes
14. Study On Epoxidation Of Olefins By Catalysts And Novel Environment Benign Process For Preparation Of Cyclohexene Oxide
15. Studies On The Synthesis Of Epoxycyclohexane Using Electrochemical Method
16. Study On A Green Oxidative Ring Cleavage Reaction By Using Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide
17. Research On The Technics Of MetalloPorphyrin Catalyzed Aerial Oxygenation Of Cyclohexane To Adipic Acid
18. Study On The Phase Transfer Catalytic Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene Oxidized By H2O2
19. New Molybdenum (Ⅵ) Catalysts For The Epoxidation Of Olefins: Synthesis, Reactivity, Crystal Structurres And Catalytic Capability
20. Synthesis And Application Of A Series Of Polyether Diol Of Cyclohexene Oxide
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