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Keyword [cyclohexene oxide]
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1. Study On Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Mo(Ⅵ) Catalysts Used In The Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene
2. Study On Epoxidation Of Olefins By Catalysts And Novel Environment Benign Process For Preparation Of Cyclohexene Oxide
3. Study On A Green Oxidative Ring Cleavage Reaction By Using Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide
4. Synthesis And Application Of A Series Of Polyether Diol Of Cyclohexene Oxide
5. Catalysis Design And Their Activity Toward Copolymerization Of Carbon Dioxide With Cyclohexene Oxide
6. Key Techniques On Synthesis Of Cyclohexene Oxide With Hydrogen Peroxide As Oxidant
7. Study On Preparing Trans-1, 2-cyclohexanediol From 1, 2-Cyclohexene Oxide With Solid Superacids
8. Study On The Anion Of Quaternary Ammonium Salts As Cocatalysts For The Copolymerization Of CO2
9. The Synthesis And Application Of Heteropolyphosphatotungstate Phase-transfer Catalyst
10. Studies On Preparation And Catalytic Performances Of Coconut Char Sulfonic Acid
11. The Catalytic Properties In Cyclohexene Epoxidation By Ti/BMMS Catalysts
12. A Study In Designing And Synthetizing A New Type Of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Standing For High Temperature
13. Study On The Composite Material Of Metal Cobalt Powder/Electroless Copper Plating For Preparation,Characterization And Catalytic Performance In Cyclohexene Oxidation
14. Separation And Purification Of Cyclohexene Oxide
15. Synthesis And Application Of Epoxy Cyclohexane
16. Synthesis Of Mono- And Bimetallic Aluminum Complexes Stabilized By Bridged Bis(phenolate) Ligands And Their Applications In Polymerization Reactions
17. Studies On The Alternating Copolymerization Of Carbon Dioxide With Cyclohexene Oxide By Chiral Semi-azacrown Ether Ligand
18. Technics Study On The Synthesis Of Cyclohexene Oxide By Epoxidation Of Cyclohexene And Hydrogen Peroxide With Phase Transfer Catalyst
19. A New Technical Research On Synthesis Of Cyclohexene Oxide
20. The Study Of Synthesis And Characterization Of The Hydroxyl-terminated Cyclohexene Oxide-Tetrahydrofuran Copolyether
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