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1. Studies On The Novel Catalytic Materials Used In Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaraldehyde
2. Studies On The Synthesis And Catalytic Application Of Novel Tungsten-based Nano-scale Materials In The Selective Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaraldehyde
3. Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Copper(Ⅰ)Complexes As Precursors For Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
4. Studies On Catalytic Oxidation Properties Of Cyclopentene Over Wacker-type Catalyst
5. Preparation, Characterization And Catalytic Oxidation For Cyclopentene Of WO_x Catalysts
6. Study On Synthesis And Properties Of Novel Titanium Alkoxides
7. Studies On Synthesis Of Epoxycyclopentane And Glutaric Acid
8. Surface Encapsulation Of Nanoparticles With Polycyclopentene Via In Situ Induced Crystallization Process
9. Study On Imcr Of Two Diffient Zwitterions Generated Simultaneously And Synthesis Of Pyrrolone Based On IMCRs
10. Research Of The Novel Metal-organic Frameworks Immobilied Phosphotungstic Acid Preparation And Its Catalytic Properties
11. Cyclopentene And Pyridine, Furan Glyoxylate And Alkoxyl Amine Synthesis Research
12. Chloroperoxidase Catalyzed Oxidation Of Cyclic Olefins Research
13. Study On The Synthesis Process Of Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether
14. Design,Synthesis And Performance Of The Catalytic Materials For Selective Oxidation Of Cyclopentene
15. Synthesis Of Cyclopentanone Catalyzed By γ-Al2O3 Supported Pd-X (X=Ni, Cu) Bimetallic Nanocatalysts
16. Bicyclo [3, 1, 0] Hexane For The Skeleton Type Of Photochemical Reaction Of Norrish Ⅱ
17. Study On The Selectivity Hydrogebation Of Cyclopentadiene To Cyclopentene
18. Formation Of Multi-ring Systems Via DDQ-mediated Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling Reaction
19. Study On The Synthesis Of Cycolpentene Derivatives Based On IMCR And Synthesis Of Novel Dipeptide Of Pyrazinylfomyl-L-Phenylalanyl-L-Leunitrile
20. The Synthesis Of Glutaric Acid By Cyclopentene And The Investigation Of New Catalysts
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