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1. Enzymatic Production Of Human Milk Fat Substitutes
2. Study On The Synthesis Of Linear Alkylbenzenes In A Novel Liquid-Solid Circulating Moving Bed Reactor
3. An Integrated Process Of Air-POM Syngas/Dimethyl Ether
4. Investigation On Alkylation Of Isobutane With Butene Over Heteropolyacid Catalyst Supported On Carbonized Resin
5. Study On Catalytic Processes Of Carbon Monoxide Coupling Reaction
6. Preparation, Characterization Of Ag/TS-1 Catalyst And Its Catalytic Properties On The Gas-Phase Epoxidation Of Propylene
7. Deactivation, Regeneration And Reaction Process Of Titanium Silicalite Molecular Sieve Catalysts For The Epoxidation Of Propylene
8. Study On Catalyst Of Benzene Oxidation By N2O And Inorganic Membrane Reactor For Controllable Oxidation
9. Investigation On Aromatics Hydrogenation Over Supported Pd Catalyst In The Presence Of Sulfur
10. Studies On Mechanism Of Catalytic Coupling Reaction Of CO And Effect Of Impurities On Catalyst's Activity
11. The Methylation Of Biphenyl Over ZSM-5 Zeolite
12. Analysis On The Catalytic Reaction Of Cyclohexanone Ammoximation Over Titanium Silicalite-1(TS-1)
13. Oat Enzyme Activity And Its Deactivation For Oat Food Processing
14. Investigation On CeO2 Catalyst In The Hydrogenation Of Benzoic Acid To Benzaldehyde
15. The Study Of N2O Catalytic Decomposition And One-Step Oxidation Benzene To Phenol Over Zeolites
16. Adsorption Of CO2 On Modified Ordered Mesoporous Silicas
17. Sulfur Removal Of FCC Gasoline On Modified Nanoscale HZSM-5 Catalysts
18. Study On Non-mercury Catalytic Acetylene Hydrochlorination To Produce Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)
19. Research Of Catalytic Reaction Engineering For Methanol-to-Olefin Process
20. Deactivation And Stabilization Of Recombinant Urate Oxidase
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