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1. Research On Fabrication Of The Anti-Wear Gradient Surface Coating And Its Sliding Friction Property
2. Optimization Of Production Technology Of Recombinant Human Interferon-γ And Studies On Renaturation Of α-Chymotrypsin
3. A Study On The Improvement Of Cycling Stability Of Ball-milled Mg-based Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys By Means Of Multi-component Alloying
4. A Study On The Management Of Shallow And Low Permealibility Reservoir In The North Of Shannxi Province
5. The Mechanisms Of The Thermal Decompositions Of Tetrazole Derivatives:Molecular Modeling Studies
6. Structure And Properties Of Self-reinforced PE-HD Pipes Extruded From Specially Applied Fields
7. Studies On High-Density Cultivation And Concentrated Cultures Of Lactic Acid Bacteria
8. Measurements Of Physical Properties Of Mixtures Related TPA Manufacture And Study Of Viscometer On High Temperature And Pressure
9. Studies On The Extraction Of Chlorogenic Acid And Caffeic Acid From Oiled-type Sunflower And Their Protective Effects On The OxLDL-induced Damage To Endothelial Cells
10. Quantum Chemical Studies On The Structures And Properties Of Organic Caged Energetic Compounds Including Polynitrocubanes
11. Potential And Molecular Reaction Dynamic Of Pu Compound Molecules And Molecular Ions
12. The Theoretical,Experimental & Practical Research On Rheological Forming Of Metals
13. The Theoretical Studies On The Structures And Properties Of Molecules And Crystalline Of Insensitive High Explosives
14. Design And Synthesis Of New Diarylethenes And Their Applications To High-Density Optical Storage
15. Investigation Of Low-cycle Fatigue Behavior And Life Assessment Of Pressure Vessel Steel 16MnR At Elevated Temperature Under Stress Control
16. Development Of Novel Matrices For Protein Chromatography
17. Study On Catalytic Processes Of Carbon Monoxide Coupling Reaction
18. Experimental And Density Functional Theory Study On Plasma Methane Conversion
19. Measurement And Study On Diffusion Coefficient And Thermodynamic Property Of Aqueous Medicaments Solutions
20. Intelligent Control Method Of Coal Jigging Process
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