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1. Research Into Working Behavior And Self-aligning Methods Of Uniformly Distributed Load Of Rolling Bearing In 2050CVC Hot Tandem Mills
2. Study On Water Allocation Network Design And Retrofit
3. Experimental Study On Micro-Pore Structure And Desulphurization In FBC Of Calcium-based Absorbents
4. The Study On Distributed Invasive Pest Risk Analysis WebGIS
5. Study On Integrated Production Management System Based On DNC Plug-in Software Technology And Its Practice
6. Research On Distributed Architecture & Implementation Of Open CNC
7. Study On Health Monitoring System And Assessment Of Submarine Pipeline
8. Investigation Of Multiscale Numerical Simulation Of UltraPrecision Cutting Technology
9. Study On Modeling And Optimization For Hydraulic Width Control In Rough Mill And Tension Control In Finish Mill
10. Study On Early Fire Detection And Suppression By High Pressure Water Mist In Special Confined Space
11. Distributed Nonpoint Source Polution Modelling
12. Study Of Distributed Intelligent System Based On Multi-Agent Architecture For Wastewater Treatment
13. Research On Key Technologies In Mold Dynamic Alliance Based On Web
14. Distributed Non-point Sources Pollution Modeling And Its Application In Xiangxi Watershed
15. The Prediction, Early-warning For Snowmelt Flood And Decision Support Based On '3S' Technologies In Xinjiang
16. Study On Numerical Simulation And Networked Design Of Cold Roll Forming Process
17. Model Predictive Control For Accelerated Cooling And Controlled Process
18. Research On Grinding Of Engineering Ceramics With Innovative Monolayer Brazed Diamond Wheels
19. Study On Mine Ventilation Fault Diagnosis Based On Knowledge
20. Study Of Distributed Model Predictive Control In Polymerization Reaction
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