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1. Preparation Of Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Based On Doped Support And Control Of Molecular Weight Distribution Of Polypropene
2. Study On Processing And Properties Of Bismuth Layered Structure SrBi4Ti4O15 Piezoelectric Ceramics
3. Study On The Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanomaterials
4. Study Of Preparation And Photoelectrochemical Performance Of TiO2 And Transition Metal Ion Doping TiO2 Thin Film Electrodes
5. Study Of SrBi4Ti4O15 Ferroelectric Ceramics And Thin Films
6. Investigation On The Preparation And Properties Of NaCo2O4 Based Thermoelectric Material
7. Sensitization Of Silver Halide Grains Emulsion Doped With Carboxylic Salt
8. The Research On The Structure And Properties Of Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 With Dopant
9. Effect Of Sintering Condition On High Cementing Property Cement Clinker And Alite Crystal Structure
10. Hydrothermal Synthesis And Properties Of The Metastable Perovskite Manganites
11. Synthesis And Characterizations Of Mesoporous Silica-based,Non-silicate And Porous Host-guest Functional Materials
12. Synthesis And Applications Of Novel Ⅱ-Ⅵ Quantum Dots And Investigation Of Relative Mechanisms
13. Preparation,Microstructure,Optical And Electrical Properties Of Al-doped And Al-Scco-doped ZnO Thin Films
14. Visible Light Photocatalytic/Oxidative Degradation Of Typical Aqueous Organic Dyes VIA Sodium Bismuthate Based Perovskite Materials
15. Study Of Semiconductor-based And Transitional Metal Ions Doped Semiconductor-based SERS Substrates And The Enhancement Mechanism
16. Experimental Investigation Of Thermophysical Properties Of Insulation Material And The Characteristics Of Typical Disfigurements On Furnace Liner
17. Preparation Of TiO2 Photocatalysts And Their Application In Degradation Of Formic Acid And Methyl Orange
18. The Preparation And Properties Of Ca-Co-O Thermoelectric Materials By Spark Plasma Sintering
19. Preparation, Dope And Molecular Structure Therotical Studies Of Resorcinol-formaldehyde Aerogels
20. Studies On Modified Electrodes Of Planar Binuclear Cobalt Phthalocyanine And Its Doped With Polyaniline Film
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