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1. The Study Of The Nonlinear Conduction Behavior Of High-density Polyethylene/Graphite Nanosheets Conducting Composites Under Electric Field
2. Research And Development Of Piezoresistive Flexible Sensor Based On Suspended Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Array
3. Investigation On The CuWCr Composite Prepared By Mechanical Alloying And Its Vacuum Electrical Breakdown Properties
4. Investigation On Effects Of Different Additions On Microstructures And Properties Of Cu-W Alloys
5. Investigation On Electrical Breakdown Properties Of Al2O3/Cu Composite
6. Improvement On Properties Of Arc Resistance Of CuW Alloy
7. Investigation On Mechanism Of Electrical Breakdown Property And Morphology Of PE/MMT Nanocomposites
8. Preparation Of Nano Paa Template And Ferroelectric Pzt Nanotubes
9. Development Of Intelligent Testing Instrument Of Electrical Breakdown Properties
10. Rock Fragmentation By Pulsed High Voltage Discharge And Drilling Equipment Development
11. Design, Preparation And Electrical-explosion Characterization Of Schottky-junction-based Al/CuO Initiators
12. Dealcoholized Room Temperature Vulcanized Thermal-Conductive Silicone Rubber With High Electrical Insulation
13. Spark Plasma Sintering Of BST/Al2O3 Ceramics With High Energy Storage Density
14. Study On The Structure And Properties Of Cathode Electrolytic Plasma Deposited Ceramic Coatings And Its Electrical Breakdown Mechanism
15. Effect Of Lubrication Phase On Microstructure And Properties Of Cuw Alloy
16. Investigation On Fabrecation,Structures And Properties Of Submicron WCu Alloys
17. Investigation On Fabrecation,Structures And Properties Of W(Nb)Cu Alloy
18. Study On Rare Earth Complexes/Polyethylene High Performance Materials
19. Research On The Influence Of High Voltage Pulse Rock Breaking Electric Breakdown
20. Characterization of PET/PVDF films for high energy density capacitor application
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