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1. Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Carbon Based Electrode In Alkaline Solution
2. Electrochemical Properties Of Proteins At Apatite And Nano-Alumina Assembly System
3. Degradation And Treatment Of Chlorophenols By Electrochemical Technologies
4. Preparation, Characterization And Electrochemical Properties Of Catalytic Materials Of High Activity Tungsten Carbide
5. Interaction Between Electrocatalytic Active Elements And Their Carriers
6. Study On Electrocatalysis And Biosensing Of Nanomaterials
7. Study On The Electrocatalysis Of Modified Electrode Applied In The Synthesis Of L-Cysteine
8. Chemically Modified Electrode Based On The Polynuclear Metal Hexacyanoferrate And Its Application
9. Basic Research For Electrocatalysis Synthesis Process Of Chromic Anhydride In Integrated Technology Of Clean Chromic Salts Production
10. Extending And Application Of Surface-enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy On Pt Group Electrodes
11. Preparation Of Novel Chemically Modified Electrodes And Their Application In Biosensing And Electrocatalysis
12. Study On Synergistic Electrocatalysis And Biosensing Of Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
13. Fixation Of CO2 By Electrocarboxylation Of Organic Compounds
14. Preparation Of Noble Metal Film On Silicon Substrate, Morphological Control And Its Property Study
15. Preparation And Applications Of Environmental Electrochemical Sensors Based On Gold Nanoparticles And Three-dimensional Monolayers
16. Electrochemical Preparation And High Performance Of Platinum And Palladium Nanocatalysts With High-Index Facets
17. Study On The Electrocatalysis Of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotube And Its Composite Material Modified Electrode
18. Synthesis And Properties Of New Ionic Liquids Comprising N, N'-Dialkylbenzimidazolium Salt
19. Improved Properties Of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons: Synthesis And Applications
20. Analysis Of Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation Mechanism Of Methylene Blue And P-nitrophenol On The Modified Electrode
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