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1. Effect Of Alloying, Heat Treatment And Magnetization Treatment On Microstructure And Electrochemical Properties Of AB5 Type Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloy
2. Fabrication And Electrochemical Properties Of New Thin Film Electrode Materrials For Li-Ion Batteries
3. Investigation On The Electrochemical Properties And The Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes
4. An Investigation On The Structural And Electrochemical Properties Of The TiV-Based Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys
5. Study Of Polyoxometalates On Anodic Aluminum Oxide/glass Carbon Electrode Electrochemical Properties And Application
6. Electrochemical Properties Of Proteins At Apatite And Nano-Alumina Assembly System
7. The Phase Structure And Electrochemical Properties Of La-Mg-Ni Based AB3-type Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys
8. A Study On X-ray Diffraction Microstructures Of AB5-type Hydrogen Storage Alloys And Their Hydrides
9. Study On Electrochemical Properties Of Boron-doped Diamond Thin Film Electrodes And Application To Wastewater Treatment
10. An Investigation On The Phase Structure And Electrochemical Properties Of The La-Mg-Ni-Co-based Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys
11. Design, Synthesis, Characterization And Photo-electric Properties Of Novel Multi-ferrocenyl Pyridinium Salts
12. Preparation, Characterization And Electrochemical Properties Of Catalytic Materials Of High Activity Tungsten Carbide
13. Studies On The Syntheses, Electrochemical Properties Of Ferrocene Derivatives
14. Study On The Structrue And Electrochemical Properties Of La-Mg-Ni Based New Type Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys
15. Study On Construction Of Biointerface Based On Carbon Nanotubes And Its Electrochemical Properties
16. Study On Vanadium Based Solid Solution Hydrogen Storage Materials
17. An Investigation On The Mechanical Amorphization And Electrochemical Properties Of The Ln-Mg-based Hydrogen Storage Alloys
18. An Investigation On The Structure, Properties And Degradation Mechanism Of The TiV-Based Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloys
19. Studies On Synthesis, Interface Electrochemical Properties And Drug Carrier Of Structurally Charged Layered Materials
20. Synthesis And Investigations Of Optical Properties, Electrochemical Properties And EPR Properties Of Porphyrin Compounds
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