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Keyword [electroless plating]
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1. Studies Of Electroless Plating On Self-assembled Monolayer And Its Applications
2. Study On Fly-ash Cenosphere Composite Absorber
3. Fabrication Of A Newly Developed AgC Electrical Contact Material And Research Of Its Properties
4. Study On The (SiC)_p Surface Decoration Characterization And Application
5. Research On The Preparation And Properties Of Silver Tin Oxide Composite Material
6. Study On Preparation And Mechanism Of Metal-Ceramics Composite Powders And Their Applications
7. Study Of The Raw Aluminium Matrix Composites Reinforced By Short Carbon Fiber
8. Feasibility And Mechanism Of Electroless Plating On The Surface Of Rigid PVC
9. The Research And Practice Of Infrared Camouflage Fabric
10. Study Of The Inhibitive Films On The Surface Of Iron And Steel
11. Surface Functionalization And Electroless Copper Deposition Of The Fluoropolymer Films
12. Research Of Gradual Copper-Graphite Self-lubrication Materials And Its Tribology Property
13. Microstructures And Properties Of Nanocrystalline Copper And Cuprous (Cupric) Oxide Films
14. Studies On Preparation And Microwave Absorption Properties Of Cobalt-Based Metals Coated Strontium Ferrite Composite Powders
15. Preparation And Properties Of Micro-nanometer Particles With Core/shell And Hollow Structure
16. The Study On Preparation Of Cu-Ag, Ni-Ag Bimetal Powders And CaZrO3 Plating Nickel Powders
17. Preparation And Electromagnetic Properties Of A Few Kinds Of Dielectric/Ferromagnetic Composite Powder
18. Study On Charactorization And Corrosion Resistance Of Rare Earth Coatings For Surface Of Cf/Al Composites
19. Preparation And Characterization Of Pd Composite Membranes And Application In Direct Oxidation Of Benzene To Phenol
20. Analysis Of Functionalized Novel Carbon Nanomaterials And Its Applications In Microwave Absorption And Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
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