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1. Study On Preparation And Laser Damage Morphologies Character Of YAG Single Crystal And Ceramics And Their Machansims
2. Selective-Controlled Synthesis And Properties Of Micro/Nano-sized Carbon Materials Via Arc Plasma
3. On Dedign, Synthesis, And Luminescence Performances Of Low-cost Metal Complexes
4. Spectral Analysis And Mechanism Research On Decomposition Of Methyl Violet In Waste Water And Nitric Oxides In Exhaust Gas By Dbd
5. Study On Fluorescence Emission Of Silicon Induced By Nanosecond Pulse Laser
6. Study On The Phase Equilibrium System Of CsCl/CdCl2 And RECl3 Reacting In The Solution And Physical And Chemical Character Of The Compounds
7. Research On The Emission Spectrum Of The Liquid-gas Mixture Discharge
8. Theoretical Study On Organic Electroluminescent Materials
9. Influence Of Heavy Metal Cobalt Ion On The Electron Transfer Activity And Structure Of Thylakoid Membrane
10. Theoretical Study On Conjugated Polymers Containing Heterocycle For Luminescent Materials
11. Detection And Diagnosis Of Optical Emission Spectrum In DC Corona Radical Shower
12. Optical Study Of OH Radicals And Hydrophilicity Treatment Of Polypropylene In Atmospheric Pressure
13. Theoretical Studies On Electronic Structures And Photoelectric Properties Of Silole-based Derivatives
14. Study On Laser-metal Active Gas (MAG) Hybrid Welding Technology And Its Mechanism Of Stainless Steel
15. Study On The Characteristics Of Dielectric Barrier Discharge And The Remocal Of Cyclohexanone By Dielectric Barrier Discharge
16. Synthesis And Light-Emitting Properties Of Tris(8-Hydroxyquinoline) Aluminium Derivatives
17. Study Of Ions Recognition By Chlorophyll-porphyrin Compounds
18. Study On Preparation And Properties Of Fluorescent Offset Printing Ink
19. Experimental Study Of Method For Reactive Sputtering Film Deposition Based On Optical Emission Spectrum Of Plasma
20. Red / Electron Withdrawing Substituents On The Ppv Polymer Optical And Electrical Properties Of Theoretical Research
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