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1. Research On Preparation Of Waterborne Polyurethane Nanp-Anionomers And Their Application As Composites
2. Fabrication Of Polymeric Hollow Spheres And Their Applications In Encapsulation & Release Of Nanocrystals
3. Templating Preparation Of Mesoporous Fibers And The Studies On Encapsulation Of Functional Materials
4. The Studies On Encapsulation Of Enzyme In Mesoporous Materials
5. The Synthesis Of Different Morphology Porous Materials And The Encapsulation Of Optical Functional Materials
6. Studies On The Manufacture Of Ultra-fine Powders, Relationship Between Structure And Performances, And Applications For Persistent Phosphorescent Materials Of Strontium Aluminate
7. Study On Preparation Of P(BA-MMA-AA)/TiO2 And PS/Na~+-MMT Nanocomposites Through Ultrasonically Initiated In-Situ Emulsion Polymerization
8. Dispersion And Encapsulation Of Nanometer Calcium Carbonate With Polymer
9. Structure And Catalysis Of Symmetrical And Asymmetrical Metal-complexes In Molecular Sieves
10. Encapsulation Of Organic Pigments With Nano Inorganic Oxides And It's Application In Coatings
11. Study On Zinc Oxide/Polymer Composite Particles With Antibacterial Property
12. Study On Dehydrogenases Immobilization By Alginate-Silica Hybrid Gels
13. Preparation And Optical Properties Of Transparent Epoxy Nanocomposites As Encapsulating Materials For LED Chips
14. Preparation, Supramolecular Encapsulation, And Self-assembly Of Hyperbranched Polymers
15. The Ordered Assembly Of Nano-Catalysts And Their Applications
16. Research On Solidification Characteristics And Microstructure Of Micro-and Nano-sized Droplets
17. Preparation Of Novel Catalysts For Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Of Benzene And Their Application In Hydrogenated Debenzolization Of 6~# Solvent Oil
18. Synthesis, Characterization Of NaY Zeolite Encapsulated Cosalen Complex And Its Catalytic Performance In Cyclohexane Oxidation
19. Encapsulation Of Aluminum Pigments And Their Applications In Coatings
20. Study On The Foundation Of Beef Flavoring Thermal Reaction And Its Stability
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