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1. Studies On The Dynamic Mechanical Properties And Energy Absorption Of Aluminum Alloy Foams
2. Studies On Fabrication And Properties Of SiC_p/ZL104 Composite Foams
3. Foams Stabilized By Laponite/Surfactants And HMHEC/Surfactants
4. Preparation Of Epdm Foams And Study On Its Structure And Properties
5. Preparation And Properties Of Mesophase-pitch-based Carbon Foams
6. Studies On Fabrication And Properties Of Ceramic/ZA22 Composite Foams
7. Numerical Study On Foam Evolution Dynamics In The Foaming Process Of Metallic Foams
8. Studies On Molecular Design, Synthesis And Application Of Poly(Aryl Imine Ketone)s High Performance Polymers
9. Electrochemical Biosensor Based On Carbon Nanomaterials And Its Catalysis
10. Aggregation And Dispersion Of Nano-powder In The Rubber Matrix
11. Preparation And Characterization Of New Vesicles And Foams
12. Preparation And Application Of Nanosized Carbon Materials/Carbon Foams Composite
13. Preparation And Structural Control Of PMMA-based Nanocomposites And Their Microcellular Foams
14. Study On The Starch-Based Foams
15. Study On The Preparation Of Aluminum Foams
16. Moulding Technics Study And Mould Design Of Polyurethane Foams
17. Study On Fabrication Of Al Foams By Powder Metallurgy
18. Influence Of Alloying, Pore Structure And Filler On The Compressive Behavior Of The Open-Cell Aluminum Foams
19. A Study On The Foaming Process Of Microcellular Foams And Using Nano-Particles As The Carrier To Make Blowing Agent By Inserting
20. Investigation Of The Physical Properties Of Open-cell Aluminum Foams
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