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1. Recovering Technology Of Adipic Acid And The Relative Fundamental Research
2. The Study On Reclaiming And Solubility Of Adipic Acid
3. Study On Separation Of Glutaric Acid From DBA And Kinetics Of Esterification
4. The Recovery Technique Of Adipic Acid And Foundational Research
5. Studies On Synthesis Of Epoxycyclopentane And Glutaric Acid
6. Phase Equilibrium Of Dibasic Acid Mixed System And Its Thermodynamic Correlation
7. Study On Solid-liquid Phase Equilibria Of Binary Carboxylic Acid
8. Synthesis And Characterization Of Designed Pharmaceutical Cocrystal
9. The Study Of Glutaric Acid Starch Ester And Its Crosslinked Composite Modification
10. Research On Technology For Extraction And Separation Of Dicarboxylic Acid From DBA Wasteliquor
11. Beta - Methyl Glutaric Acid Synthesis And Research Of Selective Single Binary Carboxylic Acid Esterification
12. The Synthesis Of Glutaric Acid By Cyclopentene And The Investigation Of New Catalysts
13. Study Of Oxidation Of Cyclopentene To Glutaric Anhydride
14. Study On Phase Equilibrium Of Mixed Dibasic Acid Addition Crystallization Process
15. Ligand Substitution Of Dissolved Metal Ions And The Corresponding Mechanisms Of Their Application In Metal Ions Removal
16. Preparation And Physicochemical Properties Of Glutaric Acid Single-double Mixed Esters Of Starch And Its Hydroxypropyl Composite Modification
17. Study On Green Sythesis Of Glutaric Acid And Heterogeneous Catalysts
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