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1. The Controlled Synthesis And Formation Mechanism Of Low-Dimensional Carbon Materials And Nanorod Structured Magnesium Borate
2. Scanning Tunnelling Microscopic Image Simulation And Nanodevice Design Based On Monolayer And Multilayer Graphene
3. First Principles Studies On Some Nano-Materials
4. Computer Simulation On Glass Transition Of Nanomaterials, And Interface And Adsorption Properties Of Graphene
5. First-principles Investigation On The Properties Of Nanodiamond, Carbon Nanotube And Graphene
6. Synthesis And Properties Of Carbon-ZnO Composites By Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
7. First-principles Studies Of Low Dimensional Materials
8. First-principles Studies And Designs Of Nano Materials And Devices Based On Carbon
9. Research On Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering On Several Ordered Substrates And Their Enhanced Effect
10. Synthesis And Characterization Of Graphene-based Materials
11. Preparation And Properties Of Composites Based On Poly(Aryl Ether)s And Carbon Nanomaterials
12. Synthesis And Field Electron Emission Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanosheets, Graphene And Their Composites
13. First-principles Investigation On The Properties Of Nanocone And Graphene
14. Growth Of Low-Dimensional Carbon Materials And Study Of Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors
15. Electronic And Optical Properties And Its Strain Manipulation For Graphene Nanoribbons
16. Studies On The Electronic Properties Of Carbon Nano-hybrid Materials
17. First Principles Studies On Nano-and Surface Systems
18. Design And Application Studies Of Graphene And Nano-Devices
19. Noncovalent Bio-Functionalizations Of Graphene As New Self-Assembly Platforms For Hybrid Nanostructures
20. Carbon-based Nano-materials Studied By X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
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