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1. First-principles Studies And Designs Of Nano Materials And Devices Based On Carbon
2. First-principles Investigation On The Properties Of Nanocone And Graphene
3. Theoretical Studies Of Several Nanomolecule And Small Molecule Systems On Nonlinear Optical Properties
4. STM Study Of Graphene Nanoribbons And Synthesis And Properties Of Si,SnS2 Nanometerials
5. Physical Mechanical Study On Mech-electro-magnetic Coupling And Function Modulation In Quasi-one Dimensional Nanomaterials
6. Investigations Of Defect And Impurity Effects On The Electronic And Optical Properties Of Graphene Nanoribbons
7. First-Principles Study Of Electronic And Spin Properties Of Graphene Nanostructures
8. The Effect On Transport Properties Of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbion With Doping, Defect And Edge Modulation
9. Surface States In Graphene Nanoribbon
10. First-Principles Study Of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons
11. Quantum Optical Efects In The Nanomechanical Systems And Their Application In Mass Sensing
12. Study Of Graphene Nanoribbon With Scaning Tunneling Spectroscopy
13. Electrical Field Effect In Graphene Nanoribbon And Identify The Concentration Of H Adatom On Graphene
14. Adsorption Behavior Of Iron, Cobalt And Nickel Small-sized Clusters On Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons
15. Transport Properties Of Graphene Strips With A Nano-electronic Devices
16. The "Water Wave Effect" In Graphene And Its Connecting Structures
17. Manipulation Of Spin Transport Graphene Nanoribbons By Atomic Chains Adsorption
18. Modulation Of The Transport Properties Of One-dimensional Carbon Based Nanostructures
19. The Electronic Transport Properties Studies Of Graphene Artificial Structures
20. Fabrication And Properties Of Graphene Based Nano-devices
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