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1. Iron (Ⅵ) Chemistry: A Study On Green Oxidation For Organic Synthesis
2. O-Nitro-Group-Directed Selective Deacylation And Desulfonation And Preliminary Research On The Green Oxidation Of Benzyl Alcohols Using Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed Jointly By Iodine And Tertiary Amine Oxides
3. Study On The Clean Oxidation Process In Ionic Liquids
4. Green Oxidation Of Benzylamines And The Reaction Of Alcohols/Phenols With DCMT-Activated DMSO
5. The Synthesis Of Nano-gold Catalyst In The Reaction Of Diol Oxidation Of Lactone Applied Research
6. A Green Method For Synthesizing Cyclohexanone
7. The Study Of Green Oxidation Catalysis Based On New Molybdenum Catalysts
8. Green Methods For Synthesizing Cyclohexanone
9. Study On The Green Oxidation Desulphurization Technology Of Low Sulfur Oil
10. Study Of Green Oxidation Of Cyclohexane To Cyclohexanone And Cyclohexanol
11. Green Decoloration Of Dye In Waste Water By Zero Valent Iron, EDTA And Air
12. Transition Metals-Catalyzed Green Oxidation Of Alkynes
13. Preliminary Studies On Bifuctional Reaction Of Olefins And Oxidation Of Benzyl Diketones
14. Synthesis Of Spiro[furan-2(3H),5’-[4,7]methano[5H]indene]
15. Preparation Of Catalysts For Benzyl Alcohol Green Oxidation And Their Catalytical Performance
16. Study On Green Oxidation Reactions Using Hydrogen Peroxide As An Oxidant
17. Study On The Green Oxidation Of Alcohols
18. The Green Oxidation Of Alcohols By Hypervalent Iodine Reagents And CuL/TEMPO
19. Ruthenium-Catalyzed Green Oxidation Of Alkenes And NaI-Catalyzed Direct Condensation Of Sulfonamide And Formamide
20. Study On The Green Oxidation Desulphurization Method
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