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1. Studies On The Method And Principle Of Hydrogen Peroxide Unhairing
2. Study And Representation Of Oxidative Mechanism Of Unsaturated Oils And Fats In Non-Homogeneous Phases System
3. Studies On Thermokinetics And Oxidation Of Phenols With Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed By Metallomicellar Mimetic Peroxidase
4. Studies On Electrochemical Biosensor Techniques For Endo-phytohormone Determination
5. Study On The New Hydrogenation Catalysts For The Production Of Hydrogen Peroxide Through Anthraquinone Route
6. Studies On The 11β-Hydroxylation Of Steroids And The Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Of Curvularia Lunata
7. Electrochemical Properties Of Proteins At Apatite And Nano-Alumina Assembly System
8. Study On The Phase Equilibrium Of The Quaternary System Sodium Sulfate + Sodium Chloride + Hydrogen Peroxide + Water And Thermal Decomposition Kinetics Of The Adduct Formed Among The System
9. Study On The Treatment Of Paper Mill Wastewater By Ultrasound
10. Preparation And Mimic Enzymic Activity Of Novel Metal Phthalocyanines And Thermosensitive Copolymer
11. Oxidation Of Herbicides 2,4-D By Ozone And Ozone Combined With Hydrogen Peroxide
12. A Study On Hydrogen Peroxide Based Production Of Environmental Benign Oxidant Chlorine Dioxide And Reactive Kinetics
13. Oxidative Desulfurization Of Sulfur In Gasoline Over Titanium Silicalite
14. Study On The Reaction Mechanism Of Benzene And Its Derivatives With Hydroxyl Radical In Aqueous Phase By Transient Absorbance Spectra Technique
15. Study On The Direct Catalytic Hydroxylation Of Benzene To Phenol
16. Preparation And Characterization Of ZnO Nanoparticles By Oxidation Of Metallic Zinc In H2O2 Solution
17. Study On Coal Oxidation Under Mild Conditions
18. Study On Gas-Liquid-Liquid Reactive Extraction Process For The Production Of Hydrogen Peroxide
19. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Heteroatoms Substituted Aluminophosphate Sieves
20. Kinetics And Mass Transfer Studies Of Oxidation Of Organic Compounds In Solutions Containing Ozone With Or Without Hydrogen Peroxide
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