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1. Numerical Simulation, Optimization And Control Of Filling Process In Injection Molding
2. Study Of Injection Behavior Of Polymer Melt And Properties And Morphology Of Specimen Under Vibration Injection Molding
3. Model And Simulation Of Viscoelastic Polymer Melts Injection Molding
4. Simulation-Based Studies On Processing Optimization And Part Performance In Injection Molding
5. Process Optimization And Part Quality Control For Plastic Injection Molding Based On Numerical Simulation
6. 3D Flow Simulation For Viscous Incompressible And Non-isothermal Melt In Injection Molding
7. Study And Application Of Design Optimization For Injection Molding
8. Shape Retention During Molding And Debinding Of Injection Molded 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Compacts
9. The Research Of Flow Processes In Metal Powder Injection Molding
10. Powder Injection Molding Of Tungsten Cemented Carbide
11. Study On Polymer Reological Behavior And Structure-properties Prepared Via Low Frequency Vibration Injection Molding
12. Technique Research On Powder Injection Molding Of Ti(C,N)-Based Cermets
13. Injection Molding Of High Performance Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B Bonded Magnet
14. Preparation And Properties Of Fast-cure And Heat-resistant, High Strength Phenolic Resin Injection Molding Materials
15. Study And Application Of Numerical Method For Cooling Analysis In Injection Molding
16. Study On Mechanism And Technology Of Precision And Microcellular Injection Molding
17. Research Of Automatic Setting Injection Molding Processing Parameters And Correction Part Defect Based On Fuzzy Inference
18. Numerical Simulation And Application Of Powder Injection Molding Filling Process
19. Process Studies Of Rubber Cold-feel Extruder And The Application In Screw-rotating Injection Molding Machine
20. Mold Filling And Curing Studies In Reaction Injection Molding
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