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1. Controlling System Of Injection Modeling Machine On Fuzzy-control
2. Injection Mold Injection Speed Genetic Algorithm-based Optimization
3. Influence Of Processing Parameters On Morphology And Micro Structure Of Micro Injection Molded Parts
4. Processing Parameters And The Microscopic Mechanical Properties In Micro-injection Moulding Products
5. The Influence Of Injection Speed On The Filling Stage Of Micro-injection Molding And Morphology Of The Parts
6. Analysis Of Morphology And Shrinkage Of IPP Micro Injection Molded Parts
7. Analysis Of Formability And Morphology Of IPP Micro Injection Molded Parts
8. Research On The Control Method Of Injection Velocity In The Process Of Injection Molding
9. Effect Of Injection Speed On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of ADC12 Die Castings
10. Injection Molding Machine Injection Screw Speed Control Algorithm Research And Realization
11. Simulation And Experiment On Crystallization And Orientation Of Isotactic Polypropylene Micro Injection Molded Parts
12. Characterization And Study Of Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Plate Sample Filling Through Visualization Method
13. Effect Of Injection Speed On Filling State And Porosity Of Aluminum Alloys
14. The Research Of ARM-based Mobile Die Casting Machine Measurement And Control Instrument
15. Research On Hydraulic Control System Of Thin-wall Packaging High-speed Injection Molding Machine
16. A Study On Iterative Learning Control Of Injection Speed Of Injection Molding Machine
17. Control Variable Parameterization Based On Optimal Control Method Of Injection Speed In Injection Molding Process
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