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1. Biological Regeneration Of Iron Ion Solution Removal Of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
2. Study On Preparation And Photocatalytic Activity Of Titanium Dioxide Thin Film
3. Experiment Studies Of Flue Gas Desulfurization By Coal Slurry Catalytic Oxidation
4. Investigation Onto Thermal Safety Of Emulsion Explosive Induced With Iron Ion
5. Preparation Of Fe3+-doped TiO2 Photocatalyst By Controlled Colloidal Synthesis Method
6. Study On Biodiesel Preparation From Transesterification Of Soybean Oil By Solid Base Catalysts
7. Sewage Sludge Conditioning And Dewatering By Bioleaching
8. Effects Of Electrolyte Characteristics On Electrokinetic Remediation Of Lead-contaminated Soil
9. Photochemical Behavior Of Sunscreen Agent P-aminobenzoic Acid And Carbon Nanotubes In Natural Waters
10. Reaserch On Reduction Behavior Of Iron Ion In Digestion Liquor Of FeTiO3by Electrochemical Methods
11. Theoretical Investigation Of The Ligand Effects For Iron Ion In The Gas Phase Reactions
12. Modification Of Tio <sub> 2 </ Sub> Photocatalyst
13. Iron Ion Doping Of Tio <sub> 2 </ Sub>-based Self-cleaning Glass
14. Blister Copper Refining The Recovery Of Cobalt In The Slag
15. The Process Of Iron Ion Concentration. Goethite Act Shen Iron Prediction Model Research And System Development
16. The Synthesis Of Luminescent Carbon Nanoparticles And The Applications In Biochemical Analysis
17. Design And Synthesis Of Amide Type Of Fluorescent Small Molecules For Metal Ion Recognition
18. Biofilm Attachment And Wastewater Treatment Performance Of Modified Polyurethane Carrier
19. 3d-4f And4f Clusters: Synthesis And Studies Of Their Magnetic Properties
20. Identification Of Influence Mechanism Of Iron Ion On Sludge Propertites And Membrane Fouling In Membrane Bioreactors
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