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1. Optimization Of Production Technology Of Recombinant Human Interferon-γ And Studies On Renaturation Of α-Chymotrypsin
2. Research On The Fast Multivariate Optimization Method For Separation Of Complex Samples
3. Preparation Of Chiral Stationary Phases And Application In Enantiomeric Separation By High Performance Liquid Chromatography
4. Study On Novel Liquid Chromatography-Electrochemical Detection And Its Application In Neuroscience
5. Study On The Mechanism Of Adsorption At The Liquid-solid Interface And Renaturation Of Lysozyme In Liquid Chromatography
6. Studies On Allergenicity And Sensitization Mechanism Of Ginkgolic Acids From Ginkgo Biloba L.
7. Application Of High Performance Liquid Chromatography And Related Technologies On The Separation And Determination Of Pharmacy
8. New Technologies Of Bio-mass Spectrometry And Their Applications In Disease Proteomics
9. Studies On Electrokinetics And Dynamics In Capillary Perfusive Electrochromatography And Liquid Chromatography
10. Study On High-pressure Electroosmotic Pump And Its Application In Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography
11. Study On Conical Columns For Preparative Liquid Chromatography
12. Preparation And Application Of Some Novel Stationary Phases For High Performance Liquid Chromatography
13. Sorption And Transport Of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds In Soil-Water System Studied By Liquid Chromatographic Method
14. Preparation Of Molecularly Imprinted Monolithic Columns And Applications In Chiral Separation
15. Research Of Effective Substances In The Prescription Compatibility Of Refined Xuefuzhuyu
16. Studies Of Novel Liquid Chromatography Matrices For High-Speed Biopolymer Purification
17. Studies On Calixarene-Bonded Silica Gel Stationary Phases For High Performance Liquid Chromatography And Capillary Electrochromatography
18. A Study On Preparation, Separation And Properties Of The Porphyrin Complexes With Rare Earths, Lead And Cadmium
19. Study On The Preparation And Characterization Of Lewis Bases Modified Zirconia Stationary Phases For High Performance Liquid Chromatography
20. Studies On Behavior Of Chromatographic Separation, Token And Biological Activities Of Nature Ester Catechins
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