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1. Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanosized Rare Vanadate And Rare Phosphate Luminescence Materials
2. Study On Preparation And Luminescent Properties Of Nano-scale Rare Earth Luminescent Materials
3. Fabrication And Photoluminescent Properties Of One-dimensional Nanosized Luminescent Materials Doped With Rare Earth
4. Investigation Of The Energy Levels And The Properties Of Organic Luminescent Materials
5. Studies On Intercalation Assembly, Characterization And Properties Of Rare Earth Organic Complexes-Montmorillonite Supramolecular Composite Luminescent Materials
6. The Application Of Cyclic Voltammetry In Electrosynthesis And Analysis Of Organic Luminescent Materials
7. Fabrication And Luminescent Properties Of Eu~(3+), Tb~(3+) Ions Doped Core-Shell Structured Phosphors
8. Synthesis And Characterizations Of Organic Polarizied Luminescent Materials And Phosphorescent Materials
9. Studies On Preparation And Structure And Property Of Polymer/(SrAl2O4: Eu~(2+), Dy~(3+)) Coated With Si And Al Composite Luminescent Materials
10. Lanthanide-centered Luminescent Covalent Hybrid Material Obtained By Sol-gel Method
11. Studies On The Supramolecular Rare Earth Complexes With Novel Multipodal Ligands And Their Composite Luminescent Materials
12. Studies On Rare Earth Supramolecular Complexes With Podand Ligands And Their Montmorillonite Composite Luminescent Materials
13. New Process Preparation And Iron Quenching Research Of Aluminate-based Luminescent Materials
14. Design, Preparation And Optical Properties Of Novel Luminescent Materials For Super-Broadband Optical Amplification
15. Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of Nanosized Rare Earth Phosphate Luminescent Materials
16. Fabrication And Photoluminescent Properties Of Rare-Earth Ions Doped Low-Dimensional Nanosized Luminescent Materials
17. Study On Preparation And Characterization Of Lanthanide Doped Compound Oxide Luminescent Nanomaterials
18. Formation And Seperation Of Iron-Containing Compound In Aluminum Isopropoxide And The Application Of High Purity Aluminum Alkoxide
19. The Purification Of Boric Acid And Preparation And Characterization Of Aluminum Borate Whiskers And Phosphors
20. Preparation And Luminescent Properties Of Nanoscale Pyrochlore Type Rare Earth Stannates Luminescent Materials
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