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1. Elevated Temperature And Superplastic Deformed Behavior And Mechanism In NiAl Intermetallic Alloys
2. Studies On Anisotropic Theological Properties And Dynamic Properties Of Pear And Peach
3. Effects Of Cyclic Heat Treatment On Microstructures And Mechanical Properties Of TiAl-based Alloy
4. The Microstructure Control And Processing Optimization Of Al2O3/ZrO2 Laminated Ceramics
5. Preparation And Research Of Alumina Matrix Ceramic Composite Reinforced By Mullite And Silicon Carbide Particle
6. The Process And Mechanical Properties Of High Silicon-content Aluminum Alloy By Multi-Layer Spray Deposition Technology
7. Research On The Polypropylene/Nylon66/Grafted Polypropylene/Graphite Binary And Multicomponent Electrically Conductive Nanocomposites
8. Studies On Enhancement Of Mechanical Properties Of Ramie And Flax Composites
9. Processing, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of In-Site Toughened And Si-C-N Nano-Powder Reinforced Si3N4 Matrix Composites
10. Study Of Structure Refinement And Optimization Of Mechanical Proprieties For Superalloy K4169
11. Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of NiAl-based Eutectic Alloys And Alloying Behavior Of Rare Earths
12. Preparation, Microstructure And Properties Of Lightweight Al2O3 Bubble Ceramic
13. The Effects Of Rare Earth Additives On The Properties Of Iron-based Diamond Composites
14. Synthesis Of P-Dioxanone-Based Aliphatic Polyesters And Their Structures And Properties
15. Influence Of Electric Field On The Microstructures And Mechanical Properties Of Friction Welding Joint
16. Precipitates, Anisotropy Of Al-Li Alloys And Influence Of Static Electric Field
17. Study On The Mechanical Properties Of Weft Knitted Fabric Reinforced Composites
18. Investigation On The Development And Properties Of New Anticlogging Filtration Material
19. The Structure Design And Properties Research Of The Bi-axial Skeleton Warp-knitted Fabrics
20. Microstructural Modeling And Mechanical Analysis Of 3-D Braided Composites
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