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1. Study On Submarine Pipeline Corrosion Detection And Corrosion Prediction
2. Study Of The Inhibitive Films On The Surface Of Iron And Steel
3. The Theoretical Study On The Corrosion-resistance Of Iron-based Alloy
4. Effect Of Vibrio Natriegens On Metal Corrosion In Sea Water And Research On Anti-pitting Method
5. Studying Performance And Anti-corrosion Mechanism On Coatings Of Coal-based Polyaniline
6. Experimental Study On The Reuse Of Municipal Sewage In Fuxin City For Circulating Cooling Water In Thermal Power Plant
7. Study On Identifying Technology Of Metal Corrosion Acoustic Signals
8. Time-Frequency Multi-resolution Analysis Applied To Electrochemical Technique Of Metal Corrosion
9. Study On Anti-corrosive Coatings
10. Research And Application On E(pE)-pH Diagrams Of Water And Fe Ion
11. Preparation And Characterization Of Titanium Nano-Modified Polymer Anti-Corrosion Coating
12. Electrochemical Behavior Research Of Metal Corrosion Under Thin Electrolyte Lay
13. Application Of Empirical Mode Decomposition In The Coulostatical Measuration Of Metal Corrosion
14. Wavelet Transform-Based Analysis For Electrochemical Noise Of Metal Corrosion
15. Electrodes System For Electrochemical Noise Measurement Of Metal Corrosion And Its Application
16. Study On Corrsion Behavier Of Subsea Gathering Pipeline Steel
17. Research In Preparation And Corrosion Resistance Of Self-assembled Monolayer Of Alkanecarboxylic Acid On Copper
18. Reserch On Waste Heat Drying Mechanism Of Municipal Sludge Based On A Rotational Spout-fluidized Bed
19. Corrosion Behavior Of Amorphous Al-RE-TM System Alloys
20. Evaluation Of Metal Corrosion And Coating Delamination In Water-Line Area By WBE Technique
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