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1. Ab Initio Study On The Microscopic Mechanism Of Ozone Depletion In Atmosphere And The Reaction In Combustion
2. Research On The Crack Arrest In A Metal Die By Using Electromagnetic Heating
3. The Mechanism And Practice Of MEOR By Brevibacillus Brevis And Bacillus Cereus In Daqing Oilfield
4. Investigations On Hot Tearing Susceptibility And Mechanism Of Mg-Zn-(Al) Alloys
5. Basic Research On Microscopic Mechanism Of Coal And Gas Outburst
6. Microscopic Mechanism Of The Residual Oil Displaced By Viscoelastic Fluid
7. Study On Microscopic Mechanism Of Flex Fatigue Failure Of SSBR And Optimization Of Fatigue Resistance Of Tread Base
8. Electromagnetic Forming Technology Research And It's Equipment Developing
9. Study On Microscopic Mechanism Of Instability In The Primary Shear Zone During High Speed Machining Hardened Steel
10. Study On The Creep And Microscopic Mechanism Under Low Stress Repeated Impact Of Metallic Metal
11. The Microscopic Mechanism Of Nonlinear Optical Polarizabilities And Charge Transport In Organic Polymers
12. Research On Electric Desalination Process Optimization Technology Of Typical High-acid Crude Oil
13. Tension Deformation Behavior And Microscopic Mechanism Of Amorphous Silica
14. Friction Behavior And Microscopic Mechanism Of Amorphous Polymer
15. Synthesis And Hydrostability Of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF-5)
16. The Microscopic Mechanism And Mechanical Properties Of Transition-metal Compounds
17. The Research And Evaluation Of Titanate Plugging Technology
18. The Development Of High-temperature Weak Gel And Transfer Drive Mechanism
19. Alumina Ceramics Toughened Its Microscopic Mechanism Study
20. Shi, By The Main Impurities (nb, Mn) Co-doped Of Batio <sub> 3 </ Sub> Ceramic Ptc Effect Microscopic Mechanism
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