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1. Studies On Environmentally Friendly Catalytic Epoxidation Of Propylene And Styrene
2. Propylene Epoxidation On Copper-and Silver-based Catalysts With Molecular Oxygen As The Oxidant
3. The Properties Of Catalytic Oxidation Of Polymer-Bound Amino Acid Schiff Base Complexes
4. Preparation, Characterization Of Ag/TS-1 Catalyst And Its Catalytic Properties On The Gas-Phase Epoxidation Of Propylene
5. Study On Catalyzing Dioxygen Degradation Of Organic Pollutants In Aqueous Solutions
6. Heterogeneously Catalyzed Selective Oxidation Of Aromatics To Their Corresponding Aldehydes
7. Study On Gas Phase Oxidation Reaction Of Propylene With Molecular Oxygen Using Plasma Activation
8. Ultra-deep Desulfurization Of Diesel By Selective Oxidation-Extraction In Emulsion System
9. Heterogeneously Catalyzed Oxidaion Of Cyclohexane To Cyclohexanol And Cyclohexanone
10. Liquid-phase Oxidation Of Toluene Over Manganese Oxides
11. Synthesis, Characterization Of NaY Zeolite Encapsulated Cosalen Complex And Its Catalytic Performance In Cyclohexane Oxidation
12. Selective Oxidation Of Alcohols To Corresponding Aldehydes And Ketones By Molecular Oxygen
13. Catalytic Oxidation Of Benzothiophenes For Deep Desulfurization Under Water-free Condition
14. Study On The Micellar-catalyzed Chloromethylation And Oxidation Of Benzylic Halides In Aqueous Media
15. Study On Heterogeneous Catalyst For Alkene Epoxidation By Molecular Oxygen
16. Autothermal Reforming Of Methane With CO2 And O2 On Supported Nickel Catalysts In A Fluidized Bed Reactor (Oxidation Of Glycerol With Molecular Oxygen)
17. The Research On Catalysis Of Simple Metalloporphyrins For Oxidation Of Olefins With Molecular Oxygen
18. Design, Synthesis And Application In Oxidation Reaction Of Transition Metallate Functionalized Ionic Liquids
19. Synthesis And Catalytic Application In Selective Aerobic Alcohols Oxidation Of Hydrotalcite-like Compounds
20. One Step Hydroxylation Of Benzene To Phenol By Molecular Oxygen
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