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1. A New Technology For Preparation Of Y2O3: Eu3+ And YAG: Ce3+ Phosphors By Molten Salt Method
2. Solid-state Synthesis And Characterization Of Low-dimension CdS,ZnS And ZnO Nanomaterials
3. Microstructures And Properties Of ZnAl2O4-Based Low-Permittivity Microwave Dielectric Ceramics
4. Preparation Of Magnesia And Magnesia-conatining Spinel Powders By Molten Salt Method
5. Study On Synthesis And Thermoelectric Properties Of Layered Calcium Cobalt Oxides
6. Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanosized Bismuth Complex Oxides As Photocatalysts
7. Low Temperature Hydrothermal Method And Molten Salt Method Synthesis Of Magnetic Powders And Its Characterization
8. Synthesis Of Nano-Sized Titanium Dioxide Doped With Cations And Anions And Study On Its Photocatalystic Activity
9. Synthesis Of Tungstates And Molybdates Nanoparticles By Molten Salt Method And Hydrothermal Method
10. Preparation And Characterization Of Needle-like TiO2 And Bi4Ti3O12 Platelets Synthesized By Molten Salt Method
11. Preparation And Characterization Of ZnNb2O6 Powder
12. Synthesis Of Tungstate And Molybdate Nano-particles And Study On Their Luminescence Properties
13. Study On The Preparation And The Photocatalytic Property Of LaFeO3 Perovskite Oxides
14. The Research On Magnesium Oxide Powders Preparation By Magnesium Chloride And Different Source Of Calcium
15. Study On Synthesis Of BaTiO3 , SrTiO3 And Ba1-xSr xTiO3 Nanomaterials
16. Controlled Synthesis, Characterization And Performce Of Ceria Or Yttria Micro/Nanostructures
17. Study On Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of LaPO4:Eu3+ Nano-materials
18. Fundamental Research On The Separation Of The Multiple Components In The Sub-molten Salt Method For Processing Vanadium-slag
19. Synthesis And Application Of New Photocatalyst For Wastewater Treatment
20. The Preparation Of MgCr2O4 Spinel Made By Molten-salt Method And Its Application In Fuel Gas Filter
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