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1. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
2. The New Technics And Basic Theory Of Removing Molybdenum From Tungstate In The Process Of Tungsten Metallurgy
3. FT-IR Spectroscopic Studies Of The Adsorption And Reaction Of Some Small Molecules On Supported Molybdenum Nitride Catalysts
4. Investigation Of Isomerization Of N-Heptane Over Molybdenum Oxide Based Catalysts
5. Formation Of Polyanline-Pt-HxMoO3 And Its Electrocatalytic Oxidation On C1 Molecules
6. Homocitrato Molybdates And Their Homologues
7. Studies Of Molybdenum-Based Model Catalysts Supported On Alumina Thin Films
8. Preparation, Characterization And Activity Of Supported Molybdenum Nickel Phosphides And Molybdenum Nickel Sulfur Clusters Catalysts For Deep Hydrodesulfurization
9. Studies On Surported Molybdenum Carbide Catalysts: Preparation, Characterization And Selective Hydrogenation
10. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Epoxidation Of Molybdenum (Ⅵ) Complexes With Schiff Base Ligands And The Ligands Supported On Mixed Zirconium Phosphate-phosphonates
11. Synthesis, Characterization And Study On Functional Property For Molybdenum-based Nanomaterials
12. Study On Synthesis And Properties Of Nano-Inorganic Additives In Lubrication Oil
13. Hydrothermal Synthesis And Characterization Of Polyoxomolybdate, Molybdenum Phosphate And Coordination Polymer
14. Studies On Methane Aromatization Over Mo/HZSM-5 Catalysts Modified By Some Rare Earth Elements
15. The Synthesis, Crystal Structure, EPR, UV, NMR And Properties Study Of Molybdenum And Tungsten Complexes
16. Syntheses, Structures And Performances Of Non-classical Tungsten(Molybdenum)-Vanadium-Oxygen Clusters
17. Molybdenum Vanadium Oxides Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Hydrothermal Fabrication, Their Structures And Physical Properties
18. Synthesis And Characterization Of Molybdenum Based Non-Metal Materials
19. Metathesis Of Ethene And Butene To Propene Upon Molybdenum And Tungsten-based Catalysts Supported On Zeolite-alumina
20. Study On Synthesis And Structure And Properties Of Molybdenum Oxides
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