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1. Study On Preparation And Catalytic Performance Of Supported Nano-Gold Catalysts For Low-temperature CO Oxidation
2. Cyclohexane Oxidation Over Supported Nano Gold Catalysts
3. Study On The Construction And Application Of Chemical And Biological Sensing Interfaces For The Determination Of Environmental Organic Pollutants
4. The Synthesis Of Nano-gold Catalyst In The Reaction Of Diol Oxidation Of Lactone Applied Research
5. Contribution To Nano Or Micro Crystallization Induction In Silica-based Glasses By Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
6. The Immobilization Of Nano Au On The Electrode And Its Applications In The Electrochemical Sensor
7. Study On Catalytic Performance Of Nano-Gold And Zeolite System
8. The Nano Gold/silk-febrion Composite Materials Modified Electrodes And Its Application To The Detection Of Environmental Trace Organics
9. Preparation Of Chemical Modified Electrodes And Their Applications In Analytical Chemistry
10. Study Of The Nano-Gold Catalyst Supported On Zeolite For CO Oxidation In Low Tempreture
11. Study On The Elimination Of Formaldehyde At Low Temperatures
12. Fabrication Of Two-dimensional Nano-gold Particles Monolayer And Its Application
13. A New Sensor Technology Of Fluorescent Nanoparticles For Testing Carcinoma Cells Based On Nano Titanium Dioxide
14. Catalytic Oxidation Of Formaldehyde At Low Temperature Over Supported Nano Gold Catalysts
15. Biosorption Of Heavy Metal Ions On Magnetotactic Bacteria And Mechanism Of Nano-gold Preparation
16. Study On CO Oxidation Under Room Temperature And Regeneration Of Nano-gold Catalyst
17. The Study On The Oxidation Of Glyoxal To Glyoxylic Acid By Air Over Nano Gold Catalyst
18. Nano- Gold Fluorescent Probes For The Study And Application In Biological Macromolecules
19. Synthesis And Application Of Unilateral Divergent TEG-PAMAM Dendrimer
20. Preparation Of Nano-gold Catalysts And Their Application To Oxidation Of Glucose
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