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1. Molecular Design And Synthesis Of Functional Organic Nanomaterial
2. The Preparation And Application Of Quantum Dots-based Biomedical Functional Nanomaterials
3. Preparation And Electrochemical Li-Absorption/Extraction Behavior Of Some Nanometric Sb-Based Intermetallic Compounds
4. Gas Sensors Based On ZnO Nanoparticles
5. Study On Novel Nanomaterial Modified Electrode And Its Applications In Bio-Electrochemistry Of Proteins
6. Synthesis Of Carbon Nanomaterial By Chemical Vapor Deposition And Its Field Emission Display Application
7. Studies On Modification Of Epoxy Resin With Inorganic Nanoparticles, Functionalization Of Epoxy Resin And Its Applications
8. The Synthesis Of Nano-and Micro-materials By Precursor Pyrolysis Methods And Solution-based Chemical Methods
9. Molecular Simulations On Inorganic/organic Hybrids Fabricated By Ag Nanoparticles And Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
10. Preparation And Properties Of SiC, MoS2 Nanomaterial And Their Nanocomposite Material
11. Study On Preparation And Characterization Of Nanomaterial For Energy Storage
12. Study On Preparation Of ITO Nanomaterial And Its Mesoporous Assembly System By Chemie Douce
13. The Assembly And Applications Of Bio-Composites Based On Redox Proteins And Nano-Materials
14. Solvothermal Approach Synthesis Of Silicon Nitride And Other High-temperature Endurant Nanomaterials
15. Aquatic Ecotoxicities Of Several Manufactured Nanomaterials
16. Synthesis Of Sheet-like Polystyrene Nano-material By Soft Template In Water Phase System
17. Study Of The Fabrification Of One Dimensional Nanomaterial On The Anodic Alumina Template
18. Synthesis, Characterization And Growth Mechanism Of Novel Nanomaterials In Emulsion System
19. Study On Controlled Synthesis And Growth Mechanism Of CdS Micro/Nanomaterials
20. New Lyotropic Liquid Crystals With Ionic Liquids And Their Applications In Templating Synthesis Of Nanomaterials
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