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1. Recovering Technology Of Adipic Acid And The Relative Fundamental Research
2. Carbon-based Nano-materials Studied By X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
3. Pyrohydrolysis Of Corn Stover Catalyzed By Dilute Nitric Acid And Biological Acidification Of Hydrolysate
4. Studies On The Synthesis Of Vitamin PP And 3-Picoline
5. Research On The Technology And Mechanism Of Treatment Process To JNMC Sponge Copper
6. The Process Parameter Optimization Of Nitric Acid Production
7. Intelligent Optimization Of Operational Parameter In Nitric Acid Porcess
8. Study On Corrosion And Structure About The Reacting Kettle's Inner Vessel And Its Appurtenace Of Producing Nitric Acid Using Direct Method
9. Study Of Drawing The Metal From Cyanide Tailings And Producing Nanometer Iron Oxide Red
10. Study On Modifying By Oxidation And Graftting With Antitumour Medicines On Carbon Black Surface
11. Studying On The Reproduction Of Waste Activated Alumina
12. The Study On Reclaiming And Solubility Of Adipic Acid
13. The Study About The Technologies Of Extracting The Gold From Electronic Wastes And Analysis Their Performance
14. Lots Of Treatments To Doing Away With Nylon 66 Salt Waste Water With Nitric Acid
15. The New Method Research About The Determination Of Trace Amounts Of Chloride And Heavy Metals In Nitric Acid
16. Study On The Synthesis Of Red Bases Of Nitroaniline
17. Research On Oxidative Bromination Reaction
18. Recover Gold From Waste Printed Wiring Board With Aqueous Two-phase System
19. Study On The Eutecticum System Of RDX And Urea Nitrate
20. Preparation Of TiO2-SiO2 Catalysts And Study On Photocatalytic Activity
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