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1. Studies On The Nitration Of Cyclohexane And Catalytic Hydrogenation Of Nitrocyclohexane
2. Study On The Preparation And Hydrogenation Of Nitrocyclohexane
3. Nitrocyclohexane Hydrogenation To Cyclohexanone Oxime Over Mesoporous Carbon-supported Pd Catalyst
4. Study On The Liquid-phase Nitration Of Cyclohexane To Nitrocyclohexane By Solid Super Acid
5. Study On The Process Of Hydrogenation Of Adiponitrile And Nitrocyclohexane
6. One-Step Synthesis Of ε-Caprolactam From Nitrocyclohexane Catalytic Hydrogenation
7. Study On The Process Of Hydrogenation Of Nitrocyclohexane By Pd Supported Nanotubes
8. Study On The Hydrogenation Process Of Nitrocyclohexane: The Reaction Mechanism And Kinetics
9. Research On The Process Of Nitrocyclohexane Hydrogenation Under Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solvent System
10. Liquid-phase Beckmann Rearrangement Of Cyclohexanone Oxime And Preparation Of Nitrocyclohexane
11. Nitrocyclohexane Hydrogenation Over Ni-based Catalyst Modified With Metal Promoter
12. Study On Co-production Of Nitrocyclohexane And Adipic Acid From The Nitration Oxidation Reaction Of Cyclohexane With NO2
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