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1. Direct Synthesis Of Semi-Water Gas To DME By One-Step Method In Pilotscale Slurry Reactor
2. Study On The Preparation And Properties Of Poly (Urea-formaldehyde) Resin Microcapsule
3. Study On Synthesis Of Vanadium Carbonitride By A One-Step Method
4. Take One Step From The Yingjiang Containing Scandium Rare Earth Ore System Aluminum-magnesium Scandium Master Alloy
5. The Synthesis And Study Of Long Afterglow Luminescent Glass Doped With Rare Earth Ions
6. Study On One-Step-Method Preparation Of Frother For Mineral Flotation With Crude Sulfate Turpentine Oil And Synergetic Effect Of Effective Components In The Frother
7. The Design And Research Of Fully Dynamoelectric Multi-Location Vertical One-Step Injection Molding Machine And Simulation Of 3D Dynamic Process
8. Study On The Catalysts And Process For Direct Synthesis Of Dimethyl Ether From Syngas
9. Study On Doped Polyaniline
10. Research On Numerical Simulation For The Process Of Blanking-welding Drive Axle Housing
11. Synthesis Of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Via A Soft Template Route
12. The Catalyst Evaluation And Research On One-step Synthesis Of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone From Isopropanol
13. The Preparation Of Ionic Liquid-1-butyl-3-methyl Imidazolium Tetrafluoroborate By Microwave-assisted One-step Method
14. Synthesis Of Mg,Al-Hydrotalcite Whisker By One-step Method
15. Improving Synthetic Method Of PMN-PT And Synthesizing Transparent Ceramics Yb:YAG
16. The Synthesis And Characterization Of Alkyl Ether Of Glycerol Formal
17. The Preparation And Characterization Of Conducting Polymers With Electromagnetic Function
18. Study On Synthesis And Photocatalytic Performance Of ZnO
19. Simulation For One-step Technology Of Dimethyl Ether From Syngas
20. One-Step Synthesis Of Multi-Component Nanocomposites And Their Electrocatalytic Application
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