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1. Fundamental And Technological Studies On Bioleaching Of Refractory Arsenical Gold Concentrates By Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans
2. Study On Functionalization Of Saturated Carbon By Catalytic Oxidation
3. Oxidative Dehydrogenation Of Butane Over V-Mg-O Catalyst And Selective Oxidation Of Lower Hydrocarbons Using Inert Inorganic Membrane Reactor
4. Synthesis,Characterization And Catalytic Properties In Selective Oxidation Of Titanosililcates
5. High Temperature Oxidation And Chlorination Of Metallic Materials
6. Alkali-Minimization Dyeing Printing Industrial Wastewater Treatment By Activated Sludge
7. Studies On The SchiffBase Complex Immobilized Onto Chtiosan
8. The Electrochemical Behaviors Of Sb Irreversible Adsorption On Pt Single Crystal Electrodes And Kinetics Of Hcooh Oxidation
9. The Research Of Catalysts For Thermal Catalytic Cracking And The Development Of Corresponding Micro-Activity Test Instrument
10. The Research Of Production Hydrogen From Partial Oxidation And Steam Reforming Of Gasoline
11. A Study On Continuous Wastewater Treatment By Wet Air Oxidation In A Trickle-Bed Reactor
12. Corrosion Of Alloys In Supercritical Water Oxidation System
13. Research On Deep-frying Process Of New Style Fast-food And Its Quality Improved By Oxidation Starch Phosphoric Acid Ester And Chitosan
14. High-Temperature Corrotion Behavior Of 310SS And It's Protection
15. Studies On Synthesis,Oxygenation And Biomimetic Catalytic Oxidation Performance Of Crowned Hydroxamic Acids And Their Transition-metal Complexes
16. Surface Modification Of Die Steels By High Current Pulsed Electron Beam
17. Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of NiAl-based Eutectic Alloys And Alloying Behavior Of Rare Earths
18. The Preparation Of Glass-Ceramic Protective Coating And The Applying In Ti Alloy Heat Treatment Process
19. Photocatalytic Oxidation And Reduction Activity Of Nano-Perovskite ABO3 Oxides
20. Study On The Synthesis Of New Biomimetic Models Of Porphyrins
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