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1. Preparation Of Phenol Formaldehyde Based Microfiltration Carbon Membrane And Carbon Molecular Sieve Memerane
2. Decomposition Of Coking Wastewater By Ultrasonic Cavitation And Its Combined Technologies
3. The Alkylation And Hydroxylation Of Aromatics In Heterogeneous Catalytic System
4. Research On Photoregeneration Of Activated Carbon And Synergy Effect Of TiO2--Activated Carbon
5. Study On The Synthesis Of Diphenyl Carbonate From Transesterification Of Dimethyl Oxalate With Phenol
6. Treatment Of Phenolic Organic Pollutants In Aqueous Solution By US/UV Catalytic Oxidative System
7. Study On The Synthetic Process Of Titanium Silicalite And Its Catalytic And Oxidative Performance
8. Studies On Thermokinetics And Oxidation Of Phenols With Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed By Metallomicellar Mimetic Peroxidase
9. The Acclimation Behavior Of Nitrifying Activated Sludge Treated With Wastewater Containing Xenobiotic Organics And Ammonium Nitrogen By Membrane Bioreactors
10. Preparation Of Wood/Montmorillonite(MMT) Intercalation Nanocomposite
11. Study On Surface Characteristics Of Organic Modified Soil And Its Adsorption Peculiarity & Mechanism For Organic And Heavy Metal Pollutants
12. Study On Photocatalytic Degradation Of Aqueous Phenol Solution With Nano-TiO2 Membrane
13. Synthesis Of Binuclear Copper(I) Complexes Containing Polyimidazoles And Catalytic Oxidation Of Benzoin And Exogenous Phenol With High Selectivity
14. Studies Of Substituted Phenol Ligands And Metal Complexes Covalently Linked To Ruthenium(Ⅱ) Tris-bipyridine
15. Gas-Solid Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Ti-ZSM-5 Zeolite
16. Liquefaction Of Wood In Phenol And The Resinification Of The Phenolated Wood
17. Application Of Low Temperature Plasma-Degradation Of Phenol Derivatives
18. Functional Modification Of Mesoporous Materials And Their Catalytic Performance
19. Study On The Direct Catalytic Hydroxylation Of Benzene To Phenol
20. A Study And Application Of Weak Gel Profile Modification Agent Of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Crosslinked Polyacrylamide
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