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1. Study On Engineering Foundation Of Comprehensive Utilization Of Mixed Dibisic Acids
2. Preparation And Catalytic Activity Of Heteropoly Compound Catalysts
3. Synthesis, Characterization And Performance Of Solid Acid For The Environmental Friendly Condensation Of Toluene And Formaldehyde
4. Investigation On Phosphotungstic Acid-Catalyzed C-C And C-N Bond Formation
5. Immobilization Of 12-phosphotungstic Acid (Salt) On Modified Palygorskite And Its Application
6. Study On Desulfurization Of Oil Catalyzed Oxidation By Supported Heteropoly Acid In Microemulsion
7. Studies On Preparation, Characterization And Catalytic Desulfurization Performance Of Silica Pillared Montmorillonite Composite Incorporated With Phosphotungstic Acid
8. Study On Catalysis Of Heteropoly Acid In Fine Organic Synthesis
9. Studies On The Organic Synthesis Reactions Catalyzed By Solid Acids And Quaternary Ammonium Salt
10. Studies On Synthesis And Purification Of Medium-chain Triglycerides
11. Preparation And Application Of Water-soluble Chitosan
12. Supported 12-Phosphotungstic Acid And Its Salts As Catalysts For The Synthesis Of Fructone And Fructone-B
13. Studies On The Preparation Of Supported Phosphotungstic Acid And The Synthesis Of Dibasic Ester In The Catalysis
14. Preparation And Properties Of Supported Photocatalyst Phosphotungstic Acid/SiO2
15. The Preparation And Characterization And Applied Research Of Phosphotungstate Catalyst
16. Study On Enlarged Preparation Of Silica Supported Heteropoly Acids
17. Research On The Preparation Of Structural Heteropolyacid Composite Microspheres Based On The Polymerizable Surfacant
18. Preparation And Properties Of Organic/Inorganic Composite Membranes For PEMFC
19. Preparation Of Heteropoly Acid Supported On Molecular Sieve SBA-15 And Study On Catalysis Synthesis Of Tributyl Citrate
20. Preparation Of H3PW12O40-TiO2/SiO2 And Study On Degradation Of Rhodamine B Solution
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