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1. Synthesis Of Tungstates And Molybdates Nanoparticles By Molten Salt Method And Hydrothermal Method
2. Investigation On Photoluminescence Properties Of Post-treated Porous Silicon
3. Synthesis Process And Photoluminescence Mechanism Of Rare-earth Doped La2Zr2O7Powder
4. Preparation,Photoluminescence Mechanism And Ion-Dtection Studv On Fluorescent Graphene
5. The Synthesis, Photoluminescence Mechanism And Applications Of Polymer-Carbon Dot Based On Amino Acid Molecules
6. Synthesis, Photoluminescence Mechanism And Aqueous Applications Of Fluorescent Carbon Materials
7. Morphology-controlled Synthesis Of Dy3+/Eu3+ Doped Nano/micro Structure Tungstate And Molybdate And Photoluminescence Mechanism Study
8. Investigation On Photoluminescence Mechanism Of Zn(Cu)-In-Se(S) Multiple Quantum Dots
9. Preparation Of Mesophase Pitch- Derived Graphene Quantum Dots And Speculate Of Their Photoluminescence Mechanism
10. Formation Of Single-Layered Graphene Quantum Dots Based On Layered Confinement Effects And Their Optical Sensing Application
11. Studies On The Photoluminescence Mechanism Of Carbon Quantum Dots And Their Applications In Pharmaceutical Analysis
12. Investigation On A Typical Carbon Dots:Structural Composition Analysis,Fluorescence Mechanism Exploration And Application Expansion
13. Modulation On The Luminescent Properties Of Carbon Dots And Their Applications In Light-emitting Diodes
14. Synthesis Of Fluorescence-tunable Hemicellulose-based Carbon Dots And Photoluminescence Mechanism Research
15. Green Synthesis,Photoluminescence Mechanism Of Functional Cellular Carbon Dots And Their Applications In Cell Targeted Imaging Analysis
16. Anion Exchange Synthesis And Photoluminescence Mechanism Of Manganese Doped Inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots
17. Study On Color, Photoluminescence And Photocatalytic Mechanism Of Multiconductor Synthesized By Irradiation-Assisted Polyacrylamide Gel Method
18. Improvement And Application Of Annealing To NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+/xCa2+ Upconversion Photoluminescence
19. Photoluminescence Mechanism Studies On Crosslink-Enhanced Emission Effect In Carbonized Polymer Dots
20. Investigation On The Photophysical Properties Of D-?-A Type Organic Oligomers
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