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1. Studies On The Synthesis Of Butadiene/isoprene/styrene Polymer Initiated By Dilithium Initiators
3. A Study On The Synthesis Of Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyacrylamide And Its Applycation In Enhenced Oil Recovery
4. Studies Of V-shape Electric-optic Characteristics Of Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
5. The Studies Of Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Display
6. Water Vapor Permeation Behaviors And Dehydration Process For Gases In Polymer Membranes
7. Gas And Humidity Sensing Properties And Mechanism Of Electronic Polymer
8. Research On High Module Polymer Matrix And High Resistance To Compression Composites
9. Study Of Phase Separation Behavior Of Polymer Blends And Heterogeneous Polymerization Of Polymer Hydrogels By Optical Methods
10. Aqueous-soluble Hyperbanched Polyesters: Snthesis And Photoresists For Microoptics
11. Syndiotactic Polymerization Of Styrene With Homogeneous Metallocene Catalysts
12. Relationships Between Wheat Glutenin Polymers And Processing Quality And Their Response To Nitrogen And Environments
13. Radiation Effects Of Fluoropolymer Binders In PBX
14. Investigation On The Synthesis And Properties Of The Damping Materials Based On Polysil Oxane/Polyacrylate
15. Study On Phase Behavior Of PS/SAN Blends At Static State And Under Shear Flow With SALS Method
16. Synthesis Of Conducting Polymers And Their Applications Of Infrared Reflectance Properties To Saving Energy Materials
17. Study On Metallic Ion Containing Acrylic Acid Polymer
18. Study On Synthesis Of Environment-Sensitive Phase Separating Polymer And Rare-Earth Chelating Agent And Their Applications In Fluorescence Analysis
19. Study Of Injection Behavior Of Polymer Melt And Properties And Morphology Of Specimen Under Vibration Injection Molding
20. Laboratory Study On The Interfacial Rheological Property Of The Dual-chemical EOR Fluid System Combined By Hydrophobical Associating Polymer (NAPs) And Surfactant (SDBs)
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