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1. Study On Reactive Extrusion Of Polyolefin
2. Study On Polyolefin Modified By Blending,nanometer Particle Compounding And Short Fiber Reinforcing
3. Affinity Modification Of Microporous Polypropylene Membrane And Preparation Of Immobilized Metal Affinity Membrane For Bioseparations
4. Synthesis Of Novel Non-Bridged Metallocene Catalysts And Study On Olefin Polymerization
5. Research On The Polypropylene/Nylon66/Grafted Polypropylene/Graphite Binary And Multicomponent Electrically Conductive Nanocomposites
6. Study On Polypropylene Composites Toughened And Reinforced By Elastomer And Inorganic Filler
7. Polyproplene Nanocomposites Via Melt Intercalation:Formation,Exfoliation,Morphology And Property
8. Studies On The Stress Induced Effects On Polypropylene-iron-waste Tire Rubber During Pan-Milling And Their Composites
9. Synthesis, Structure And Properties Of Polyethylene/Polypropylene In-Reactor Alloys And Their Graft Polymerization Products
10. Application Of Chlorided Derivationes Of Fullerenes In Synthesis C60 Bonded Star-shaped Polymer
11. Study On The Polypropylene Membrane And The Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor
12. Oxidative Degradation Of Plastic In Supercritical Water
13. Studies On Preparation Of Microstructure Controllable PA6 Blends And Composites Via Solid State Mechanochemical Method
14. Studies On The Foundational Physical And Chemical Properties Of Chlorinated Polypropylene And CPP-g-MAH
15. Study On Nano-CaCO3/Polypropylene Composite With Ultra-high-speed Mixer
16. A Study On Processing And Enhancing Properties Of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
17. Optical Properties Of Nano-semiconductor-materials And Their Applications
18. Studies On Solide State Shear Compounding Technology & Preparation And Properties Of The Electric And Thermal Conductive Polypropylene/Graphite Nanocomposites
19. Study On Polypropylene/M-EPDM And Mechanisms Of Toughening And Reinforcing
20. α-Allyl Glucoside Modified Polymeric Membranes
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