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1. Study On A New Porous Carbon Material——Woodceramics
2. Preparation Of Porous Carbons And Control Of Porosity And Surface Functional Groups
3. Synthesis And Properties Of Porous Carbon Based Composite Materials
4. Study On The Structure And Electrochemical Performance Of Porous Carbons Made From Pitch-precursors
5. Lightweight Radar Absorbing Materials Based On Hollow-porous Carbon Fibers
6. Preparation Of Three-Dimensional Ordered Porous Materials Based On Polymer/Silica Nanocomposite Latex
7. Multistage Hole Carbon - Based Materials And Their Application In Electrochemical Capacitors
8. Preparation Of Biomass - Based Porous Carbon Materials And Its Application In Adsorption, Separation And Catalysis
9. Exploration Research On Synthesis And Coupling Properties Of Titanium Dioxide/Porous Carbon
10. The Study On Preparation And Applications Of Biomass-based Colloidal Carbons
11. Controllable Synthesis Of New Semiconductor Photocatalyst And Preparation Of Semiconductor/Porous Carbon Composite Materials
12. Study On The Sorption Prperties Of Oil On Charcoal Adsorption Materials
13. A Study On The Synthesis Of Nano-sized Porous Carbon Materials
14. Study Of Making Process Of C/Al Composits With Interpenetrating Networks
15. Preparation And Properties Of The Carbon-based Zeolite Composite Membranes
16. Synthesis And Characterization Of Porous Carbons Using MCM-48 And NaY Molecular Sieves As Template
17. Synthesis And Characterization Of Ordered Porous Carbon Via A Template Method
18. Research On Porous Carbon/pottery Adsorption Composite
19. Research On Improving The Antioxidative Ability Of Porous Carbon
20. Preparation And Application Of Porous Carbon Materials By Template Method
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