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1. An Investigation On The Applying Fundamentals Of Powder Feeding Laser Cladding
2. Preparation And The Thermoelectric Properties Of The BiTe Based Thermoelectric Materials
3. Styrene Polymerization Catalyzed By Rare Earth Catalyst System And Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polystyrene
4. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
5. Synthesis And Characterization Of Uranium, Thorium And Raer Earth Complexes Of Schiff Base
6. Electro-deposition Processes, Microstructures And Properties Of Ni-P & (Ni-P)-SiC Coatings
7. Study On Synthesis Of Environment-Sensitive Phase Separating Polymer And Rare-Earth Chelating Agent And Their Applications In Fluorescence Analysis
8. Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of NiAl-based Eutectic Alloys And Alloying Behavior Of Rare Earths
9. Study On The Creep Behavior Of SnAgCuRE Solder Joints
10. The Effects Of Rare Earth Additives On The Properties Of Iron-based Diamond Composites
11. The Study On Mechanism Of Rear Earth Elements In Iron Based Powder Metallurgical Friction Material
12. Studies On Spectroscopy Of Rare Earth Oxides And Minerals
13. Fabrication And Photophysical Properties Of Rare Earth And Silicon-based Nanostructures
14. Study On Coating Technology And Properties Of Nanometer/Micrometer Rare Earth Particles
15. Study On Arc-Sprayed Cored Wires And Wear Properties Of Coatings
16. Study On Effects Of External Rare-earths On Aquatic Ecosystem
17. Synthesis, Characterization And Functions Of AB2O4 And ABO3 Complex Oxides
18. A Study On Preparation, Separation And Properties Of The Porphyrin Complexes With Rare Earths, Lead And Cadmium
19. Study On The Microstructure, Properties And Deformation Techniques Of Rare Earth Wrought Magnesium Alloys
20. Electro-oxidizing Cerium (Ⅲ) To Cerium (Ⅳ) On Cnode And Simultaneous Reducing Cu(Ⅱ) On Cathode To Produce Copper Powder
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