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1. Studies On Electrostatically Self-Assembled Nanocomposite Thin Films
2. Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Molecular Architecture And Morphological Control Of Self-Assembly In Solutions
3. Studies On Amphiphilic Bblock Copolymer And Self-assembly Drug Carrier Micelles
4. Study On Preparation And Catalytic Performances Of Novel Nano-Porous Clay-Based Composite Materials
5. Study On Properties Of Molecular Recognition Of Polydiacetylene Functionalized With Glycolipid
6. Studies On Preparation Of Polysaccharide-based Graft Copolymers And Their Self-assembly In Water
7. Study On The Longrange Ordered Lamellar Hydroxyapatite Via Templates And Composite Microspheres Based On Alginate
8. Water-Assisted Self Assembly Fabrication Of Functional Polymer Honeycomb Structure Film And Their Relative Properties
9. Controlled Synthesis And Self-Assembly Of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials
10. Preparation, Surface Assembly Of Pt Nanoparticles With Different Agglomeration States And Investigation Of Their Electrochemical And Particular IR Properties
11. Synthesis, Structure And Morphology Control Of Inorganic Framework Solids
12. Study Of Phase Behavior Of Block Copolymers Containing P-Hydroxystyrene Self-Assembled On A Two-Dimension Restricted Surface
13. Synthesis, Structure And Antimicrobial Activity Study On New Complexes Derived From Polyamine
14. Synthesis And Self-assembly Of Chiral Low-molecular-weight Organogelators And Construction Of Inorganic Nanostructures Templated By Organogels
15. Self-Assembly Of Amphiphilic Oligo(Phenylene Vinylene)-b-Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Rod-Coil Block Oligomers At Interfaces
16. Applied Basic Research On Assembled Multilayers Of Polyelectrolytes: Fabrication And HRP Assembly
17. Self-assembly And Mechanism Of One-dimensional Nanometerials By Low-heating Temperature Solid-state Reaction
18. Synthesis,Characterization Of Pseudo(Poly)Rotaxanes And Studies Of The Properties-Supramolecular Seil-Assembly Of Cucurbituril [6] With (Poly) Electrolyte
19. Controlled Synthesis And Self-Assembly Of Nanosized Titania And Silica
20. Study On The Synthesis, Self-assembly And Properties Of Linear And Branched Ferrocene-based Polymers
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