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1. Study On Preparation Of The Glass-Ceramics Of Aluminous Silicate With Abrasion Resistance And Its Properties Of Friction And Wear
2. Theoretical Studies On The Micro-structure Of Molten Silicates And Its Relation With The Macro-properties
3. Structure-Performance Of Modified Polymers And The Mechanism For Flotation Of Aluminum And Silicate Minerals
4. Synthesis Of Collectors To Catch Aluminum Silicate Minerals And Studies On Structure-activity Relationship
5. Study On Synthesized Hydrated Silicate As Nano Powder Binding Materials
6. The Nutirent Availability, Growth And Related Characteristics Of Red Tide Algae
7. Synthesis Of Layered Materials And Their Environmental Applications
8. Investigation On The Silicate-sulphoaluminate Compound System Cement
9. Polyaluminium Silicate Sulfate And Its Application In Papermaking Industry
10. The Preparation Of High GAS Barrier Property Of Rubber Material And Microstructural Changes Of RCNs Induced By Post Processing
11. High-Pressure And High-Temperature Synthesis And Characterization Of Silicates With Special Structures
12. The Preparation And Functionalization Of Silicate Or Aluminosilicate Porous Materials
13. Novel Magnetic Separation Methods Based On Micro-and Nano-Particles
14. Synthesis And Conducting Properties Of Silicate Oxyapatites
15. The Chemistry Of Cement Clinker Formation Containing High Amount Of C3S And The Structure Of Doped C3S
16. Structure And Properties Of Layered Silicate/Rubber Nanocomposites Prepared By Melt Blending
17. Preparation And Properties Of Poly(Propylene Carbonate)/layered Silicate Nanocomposites
18. Synthesis, Modification And Oxidative Desulfurization Catalytic Performance Of Heteropoly Acid/Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposites
19. Novel High Temperature Raman Spectroscopic Techniques, Spectral Calculation And Their Application In Micro-structure Study Of Inorganic Materials
20. Highly Refined Acquisition Of High Temperature Raman Spectra And The Fundamental Research Of Quantitively Analysis
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