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1. Study On Non-darcy Flow Behavior And Inverse Problem In Low-permeability Heterogenous Reservoirs
2. 1.Molecular Dynamics Simulation For The Vibration Characteristics Of Nonlinear Optical Material BBO 2.Reliability Research On Flip Chip Electronic Packaging
3. The Research Of A New Kind Of Pressure Feedback Nitrogen Inflating Mechatronical Hydraulic Impactor System
4. Collective Damage Evolution Of Short Fatigue Cracks Under Elevated Temperature And Its Simulation
5. Surface Modification Of Pure Aluminum By High Current Pulsed Electron Beam
6. Research On The Micro-Modelling Of Metal Solidification Process
7. Analysis,control And Forecast Of Deformation And Pressure In Soft Rock Tunnel
8. The Experimental Investigation And Numerical Simul Ation Of Liquid-temperature Couple About Liquid Steel Autogyration Stirring In Model
9. Study On Visualization Simulation Of Roll Forming Process Based On Finite Strip Method
10. A Study On Computer Simulation And Experiment Of The Mechnical Tension Of The Band-saw Machine
11. 3-D FEM Analysis Of Forming Laws In Precision Forging Process Of Blade
12. Numerical Simulation And Parameter Description On Solidification Structure Of Twin-roll Thin Strips
13. Research On GIS-Based Water Pollution Control Planning
14. The Study And Application Of Three-dimensional Circumfluence And Water Quality Numerical Simulation In The Shallow Sea And Lake
15. The Synthesis And Characterization Of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polyimides (Slcpi) And The Study On Its Properties
16. Study On Silane Grafting And Crosslinking Reaction Of Polyethylene And Its Application To Thick Product
17. Research Of Key Technology And Software Development In NC Machining Simulation
18. Surface Segregation Of Binary Alloys With Computer Simulation
19. The Simulation Study Of Molecule Dynamics On Transition Of Microstructure During The Rapid Cooling Process Form Al Liquid State(943K)to Amorphous State
20. Study On Removing Flue Gas Entrained By Regenerated Catalyst
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