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1. Study On Preparation Of Unsupported Metallocene Catalyst Microparticles Using Supercritical Fluid Technology
2. Studies On Foundation Of Removal SO2, NOx From Flue Gas With Organic Absorbent
3. Studies On Design, Synthesis And Properties Of Some High Performance Aromatic Polyamides Materials
4. Studies On The Foundational Physical And Chemical Properties Of Chlorinated Polypropylene And CPP-g-MAH
5. The Synthesis And Structure-Properties Study Of Polyimides With Side Chains Containing Biphenyl Unit
6. The Role Of Surfactant In Soil Organic Pollutant Remediation And Its Mechanisms
7. Study On Process And Models For Extraction Of Edible And Medicinal Ingredients With Supercritical Carbon Dioxide From Grape Seed
8. Measurement And Calculation On Methane Solubility At Normal And High Pressures
9. Study On The Process Of Dilution Crystallization Of Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride
10. Basic Study On Direct Synthesis Of Diphenyl Carbonate With Heterogeneous Catalytic Reaction
11. Study On Heat-induced Gelation Properties And Gel Forming Mechanism Of Myosin From Rabbit Skeletal Muscles
12. Investigation On Sugar Based Surfactant: Sucrose Esters
13. Study On The Chemical Production Of 1,2-Cyclohexanediol From Cyclohexylene
14. Phase Equilibrium Of Concentrating Natural Vitamin E By Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fractionation
15. Studies On Synthesis, Thermal Properties And Solubility Of Aromatic Polyamides Containing Phthalazinone Moiety
16. Technique And Theory Of Semi-continuous Casting Of Aluminum Alloys Under Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field
17. Study On Phase Equilibrium Of Polar And Nonpolar Solute In Supercritical Fluids With Cosolvents
18. Study On Polysaccharides From Fructus Corni And Separation Of Flavones And Tea Polyphenol With Macroreticular Resins
19. Basic Research And Thermodynamic Of Relative Solution For Direct Electrosynthesis Process Of Niacin
20. The Study Of The Solubilities Of Organic Solids In Supercritical Fluids
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