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1. Study On The Process And Mechanism Of Aromatic Aldehyde Preparation Via Liquid Autoxidation Of Mono-substituted Toluene
2. Intramolecular Charge Transfer And Proton Transfer In Benzanilide Derivatives
3. Theoretical Study Of The Dynamics Of Electron Transfer In Biomolecular System
4. Applications Of Laser-induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy In Heterogeneous Catalysis
5. Theoretical Study On Tautomerism And QSAR Of Multi-carbonyl Compound
6. Study On The Morphology Control Of Solution Crystallization Processes For Organic Compound
7. Quantum Chemical Studies On Solvent Effects And Their Applications In Drug Design
8. Theoretical Study On The Operation Mechanism Of Scale And Corrosion Inhibitors
9. Studies On The Green Chemistry Of Vitamin E And Its Intermediates
10. Synthesis, Property And Photodynamic Activity Of Soluble Phthalocyanines
11. Design, Synthesis And Properties Of Isophorone-based Light-Emitting Materials
12. Theoretical Study On The Photoinduced Intramolecular Electron Transfer In Solvents For Some Typical Systems
13. Nonequilibrium Solvation Theory And Applications To Ultra-fast Processes
14. Theoretical Studies On Mechanisms Of Several Important Chemical Reactions And Solvent Effects
15. Studies Of The Solvent Effect On Some Organic Reactions
16. Studies On The Related Properties Of Negative Dissociation Energy State Associated With The DNA Hole Migration
17. Synthesis, Structures And Properties Of Transition Metal Complexes With Pyridyl, Bipyridyl Ligands
18. Syntheses, Structures And Properties Of Complexes With Polyhalogen Substituted Benzenedicarboxylate Ligands
19. The Synthesis And Spectral Properties' Study Of Linear And Chiral Arylene-ethynylenes
20. A Statistical Theory For Self-Condensing Vinyl Polymerization
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