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1. Research And Manufacture Of Titania Whiskers With High Specific Surface Area For The Application In Liquid-Phase Photocatalysis
2. Preparation, Characterization And Application Of High Specific Surface Area Activated Carbon
3. Synthesis Of The Nano-WO3 With High Specific Surface Area And Its Photocatalytic Activity To Degrade Gaseous Formaldehyde
4. Controllable Preparation And Photocatalytic Activity Of Nanostructured TiO2 Photocatalysts
5. Investigation On The Properties And Application Of Cerium Based Rare Earth Compounds
6. Study On Controllable Preparation, Characterization, Magnetic Functionalization And Application Of Porous Polystyrene-based Microspheres
7. Fractal Dimension Of ZnO Nanowhiskers And Photoluminescence
8. Studies On Preparation Of PAN Pulp By Precipitation Method
9. Study Of Preparation And Characterization Of Zirconia Aerogel By Heating Of Alcohol-Water Solution
10. Structure Characterization Of Mesoporous Titania Wiskers And Studies On The Mechanism Of Low-temperature Synthesis
11. Preparation And Study On Active Carbon Based On Coal-tar Pitch
12. Preparation Of Modified Fly Ash-clay Ceremsites With Nanometer Material With High Capabilities And Application Researchin Anaerobic Biofilter
13. Study On Kinetics Of Acid-dissolution Of Montmorillonite And The Influence Of Acid-dissolution On The Structure Of Montmorillonite
14. The Catalyst Study Of Methanol Low Temperature Decomposition
15. Study On Preparation And Application Of Calcium Absorbent
16. Surface Modification Of Acetate Fiber For Cigarette Filter By Plasma And Enzyme
17. The Study On Compatibility Of QinLing Cement With Super Plasticizer
18. Studies On Preparation Of Activated Carbon By Using Residues In Extracting Diosgenin From Dioscorea Zingiberensis And Residues' Thermal Decomposition
19. Separation Of Hydrogen And Carbon Dioxide On Activated Mesocarbon Microbeads With High Bet Specific Surface Area
20. Preparation And Properties On Adsorbents For Sulfur Removal In High Sulfur-containing Diesel
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